Tile Flooring

tile flooring

Renew the Appearance of Your Home with a New Tile Floor in Modesto, CA

tile flooring in modesto, caIf you feel that a change is due in the appearance of your home, but you can’t decide which area to focus on, we suggest looking down. The floor is a major component of every room in your home, and a new covering can drastically and dramatically improve its looks. From the many flooring types and styles on the market, tile flooring in Modesto, CA, stands out as an option.

It’s a classic choice with many benefits and features to promote it as an ideal answer to any flooring questions you may have. At Carpets Unlimited, our friendly and experienced staff is ready to assist you with your search for just the right tile type. We will learn about the areas of your home you wish to focus on and take that information to guide you through our vast inventory to find your new tiles.

A Durable and Stylish Flooring Choice

When many people think of tiles for their flooring, the first type that often comes to mind is ceramic tile, and with good reason. It’s a very durable choice which is stylish while at the same time also being easy to clean. Ceramic stands up well to high-traffic areas and also offers water resistance. In the hands of experienced professionals, it can be cut and placed in creative and artistic ways to present a unique and expressive flooring option for your home which will dazzle you and visitors alike.

We carry many choices apart from ceramic, however. We offer porcelain tile for those who wish to install that in their homes. Porcelain is very similar to ceramic but differs as it’s a bit harder and more water resistant which makes it a great choice for shower walls and outdoor patios.

If you’re looking for a natural look, then we offer other types of tile that will match your tastes. In this case, perhaps you want to consider the truly unique look of slate tile. When you choose slate, you are sure of getting a rustic look with each tile showcasing its natural origin through varying textures, grains and patterns.

Professional Installation Is the Way to Go

Due to the very nature of its makeup, tile is a durable choice because it’s dense and hard. That very durability also makes it an option which calls for professional tile flooring installation as it’s tricky to cut and place. Our skilled team members have the experience and equipment to ensure precise and beautiful installations with all the tiles we offer, including marble, travertine, and glass.


Contact us to learn more about the tile flooring options we provide. We proudly serve customers in Modesto, Stanislaus, County, and Joaquin County, CA.


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